Sustainable ad revenue uplift

Utilizing Adsyield’s Monetization Marketplace, Spektra Game’s Real Car Parking game drove 12% uplift in ad revenue ARPDAU by enabling our solution.


Monetization Marketplace


LTV increase




ARPDAU increase


Spektra Games was created in 2020 by two passionate game producers with over 7 years of industry expertise. With a competent team, they have developed three games that have received millions of downloads since 2020. They are looking for developing games that affect the daily lives of millions of people. Every member of their team has a significant impact on the features that will effect the experience of millions of gamers. Their vision, which is now focused on racing/simulation games, is to be the genre-defining studio that defines the best game in its subject.


Before the AdsYield’s collaboration with Spektra Games, advertisement competition in games was extremely low. Furthermore, there was no efficient allocation of waterfall and bidding in mediation platform. As a result, the Monetization configuration needed to be redesigned. First, we estimated the targeted LTV based on the available game data. We collaborated with Spectra Games to create the best ad scenarios. Following that, we optimized the waterfall and bidding on the IronSource mediation platform to ensure that all ad networks performed well in competition. We created new advertising scenarios and used A/B tests to evaluate their performance.


After all these organizations, there was a 120% LTV increase and after the successful result in the monetization service, AdsYield also joined the in their mediation platform as an ad network. At this point, we reached 5% SOV in the first week. Finally, the overall ARPDAU increased by 12%. Spektra games is a great partner who still continues to work with us. Here’s the testimonial they gave them for AdsYield;

AdsYield is a proven and tested partner for our company when it comes to properly monetizing our applications. Working with them not only allows us to obtain top CPM rates and premium brand advertising, but they also give exceptional customer service.


– 120% LTV increase with Monetization Service
– 5% SOV and 12% ARPDAU increase with Monetization Marketplace