Advanced Monetization

Advanced Mobile Monetization

Achieve sustainable ad revenue uplift with our advance monetization platform. Build the most effective monetization strategy. Increase LTV, retain users and provide a great experience.

Strong competition between a diverse set of demand sources maximizes the bid density for your inventory. This leads to significantly increased win rates for you at incremental CPMs.

Local & Premium Demand

Our local sales house partners are working closely with trusted media agencies, DSPs and advertisers.

We are always in the best position to know about the addition of new and premium demand flows, allowing you to maximise your revenue and create seamless competition between all demand sources.


Seamless and
Flexible integration



Integrate via API to avoid adding additional weight to your app.



Skip complex implementation to jump start your monetization efforts.


Add Tags

Easily serve ads in your app with a simple HTML snippet, with embedded Javascript.



Our lightweight SDK lets you get set up in under an hour.


What Do Publishers Have To Say About AdsYield?



We supply ad demands and monetization services to developers and publishers worldwide to support their growth potential. Your success is our success. We always aim to provide you best and respected ad monetization solutions.



What Do Publishers Have To Say About AdsYield?

Yes, through JS Tag, Vast Tag, API or Google Ad Manager connection with your mediation platform, you can start to get ad demands without any integration.

We’re already providing ad demand for tens of publishers and provide a minimum of 10% advertising revenue increase. We generally supply 50K$ monthly extra advertising revenue to the publishers which has Game/Apps with 250K Daily Active Users.

We supply ad demand from US, EMEA, LATAM and APAC countries. Our eCPM amounts for; Rewarded Ads: $40, Intersititial Ads: $30 Banner: Ads $2

You gain access to all major demand sources and all ad campaigns available on the market (whether they are CPM, CPC or CPI based) in all countries while earning CPM based.

Our dashboard is highly transparent with multiple stats breakdown per app, country, ad network, etc…
Yes, we support reporting API.

Our payment process is going on with NET30.