AdsYield Inc. (““AdsYield Inc.””, “we”, “us” or “our”) Monetization Marketplace partner ad network that provides monetization services to websites and mobile apps.
AdsYield is committed to being transparent about its data processes and the data collects.
Any data we collect is processed in accordance with regional privacy laws, including GDPR in Europe.
We provide website or app ads via Project Limelight. See PLL and PLL’s policies here

Data Collection and Use

If you are a visitor of the apps and websites that we monetize, we may collect certain non-personal information:

      • Device model
      • Operating system
      • Name of website or mobile app
      • Country
      • City
      • Work Address
      • Internet browser
      • Email
      • Payment Info

    By collecting these information, we are able to deliver our services and improve them.

    Data Sharing

    We may share information we collect with:

    • Project Limelight – Legal Name: “Project Limelight Limited” This is the vendor that provides us the advertising platform infrastructure. All metrics and dimensions of our digital ads are kept on the platform provided by Project Limelight. These metrics include; , impression, click, click through rate, CPM, ad revenue, ad request, ad response, bundle IDs, app names.
    • Netinternet – Legal Name: “Netinternet Bilisim Teknolojileri Anonim Sirketi” Your personal data held in our website database is stored on the servers of our hosting services provider, Netinternet, which are located in Turkey.
    • ilkbyte – Legal Name: “Netinternet Bilisim Teknolojileri Anonim Sirketi” Web services and reports URLs offered by AdsYield are hosted on cloud-based servers of
    • Mercury – Legal Name: “Mercury Technologies, Inc.” Financial transactions relating to our services is handled by our bank, Mercury Technologies, Inc. We share transaction data with our bank only to the extent necessary for the purposes of processing your payments, invoices, and credit notes, refunding any payments.
    • We may share your information to governmental regulatory authorities as required by law.

    Children’s Online Privacy Protection

    We do not collect any personal data for children under the age of 13 (or 16 in some EU countries).
    We may collect non-personal data such as device type or browser.


    We take all precautions to keep your information safe. We may keep your information for up to 2 years unless you want it to be deleted.
    AdsYield Website Privacy Policy

        • We may also collect certain types of technical and usage information automatically, including through cookies and other similar tracking technologies. This information allows us to optimize our website.

        • We collect this information with your explicit consent in accordance with GDPR article 6(1)(a) .

        • We may use the information we collect through our website to communicate with you, to make payments and provide support.

        • We only share your information with your consent or for legal purposes. Cookies
          Our website does not use cookies.

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